The Importance of Drinking More Water For BJJ Practitioners

The Importance of Drinking More Water For BJJ Practitioners

Most of the things in life aren’t certain – who knows what can happen during the next year, next month, next day, or even the present moment… It’s all „up in the air“, as they would say. However, there’s one thing that we can be pretty certain of; and it’s got to do with you. Yes, you. Want to know what it is?
Here’s a little hunch: it’s H20. Yup, it’s water – and you’re not drinking enough of it!



Sure, you’re probably already aware that drinking enough water is important. But you also probably don’t know why that is; and that could be an important factor in your failure to take a sip on a regular basis.

For example, do you know how just a small level of dehydration can cause very serious issues on your BJJ performance? Studies have shown that a dehydration level of just 2% can cause a significant decrease in athletic performance. Furthermore, if your dehydration levels reach 5% or even more, then your body’s capability in physical activities will drop by as much as 30%!
In addition to that, your progress will take a direct hit as well, as your body won’t be able to recover in a proper way. Namely, as you’re not drinking enough water, the cortisol levels in your body increase, which negatively influences muscle growth… But it also makes it much more difficult for your body to recover from the previous rolling session properly.

Now, what you’ve read above is just scratching the surface – and it’s already a lot to take in. It just goes to show that you need to take the decision of drinking more water seriously; for it’ll greatly enhance your Jiu Jitsu prowess!



Let’s take a different approach and stay away from proposing a certain plan that’s supposed to, with time, bring you an inch closer to the water fountain. In other words – let’s take on a hardcore approach and make water our friend and ally immediately!

The first battle you’ll need to win is with sugary drinks. Yes, they taste good and yes, coke does go well with just about any meal. The water is simply bland in comparison to these drinks, if even that. But who cares about the taste if you want to improve in BJJ?! Improving in Jiu Jitsu is supposed to be a goal that’s way more important than enjoying what you’re drinking – so throw out sugary drinks out of the menu right now and drink water instead.
It’ll be weird and difficult in the beginning, you may not like drinking water at all… But once you notice your energy levels skyrocketing, you will begin to like it that much more!

The second and the most important battle is getting into the habit of drinking water in the first place. You know how it is: you’re deep in work or in your studies, and you just forget to get up and take a glass.
Alas, that’s not a hardcore way to take care of the issue. Don’t wait for the water to call you, but bring it with yourself! Get a good quality bottle that you’ll use only for water and bring it everywhere; to training, to work, to parties, to romantic dates… Whatever it takes for you to be properly hydrated and ready to rock ‘n roll during the next training session!

Be committed and take pride in your new zest for water. Your Jiu Jitsu will thank you for it, that’s a promise!