Andre Galvao Calls For Support For Josh Hinger: “He Is Human, Too”

Andre Galvao Calls For Support For Josh Hinger: “He Is Human, Too”

Josh Hinger suffered a home invasion robbery several days back – and it was a gut-wrenching experience.
He shared what happened:

We bought this house 2 years ago, remodeled and refurbished it.
Some human scum broke in and camped out for 2-3 days and left no box unturned.

At least $35/40k in stolen items. Wedding rings gone, guns, gone, safe, ID cards, credit card, checks clothes, food from the cabinets, anything and everything of value.

Gone. Even took the coffee maker.

But now, Andre Galvao – Hinger’s long-time coach and friend – has called the BJJ community for support:

In the close-knit world of BJJ, we’re not teammates or opponents – we’re family.
Today, one of our own, one of my black belts Josh Hinger, needs our support more than ever.

Josh’s home was invaded, ransacked, and tens of thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings were stolen, ranging from sentimental items like wedding rings to essential documents to the coffee pot.

While we think of Josh as an invincible force (and Hingertine mastermind), he’s facing a heartbreaking situation, reminding us that he, too, is human and deserves our support.

Now, it’s our time to step up.

Galvao shared the GoFund Me link, so that anyone who wants to donate can do so.


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