Jocko Willink’s Self-Defense Tips: “You May Look Like An Easy Target & Not Know It”

Jocko Willink’s Self-Defense Tips: “You May Look Like An Easy Target & Not Know It”
Image credits: Jocko Willink YouTube channel

Self defense isn’t always about defending yourself in a bad situation. Rather, most of the time it needs to be about staying away from the bad situation in the first place. But how do you stay from something bad happening to you on the streets?
It’s simple, really… You’ve got to become aware of your surroundings. And you have to carry yourself in a confident way. Which is what, as Jocko Willink explains, most people don’t do at all.

What’s more, Jocko emphasizes that you might look like an easy target and not know it. If you’re walking with slouched shoulders and making small steps… You are much more likely to be attacked.
And even more so when you aren’t looking people in the eyes. Sure, it may feel intimidating to look at strangers and establish eye-contact with them – but it’s a skill you have to practice.

Looking people directly into the eyes, Jocko explains, lets them know that you’re aware of their presence. That you know they’re “here” and that you’re “monitoring” them.
If you divert your eyes the moment someone looks at you, you’re giving them a clear indication that you’re not confident enough. Which is an immediate thumbs up for the wannabe attacker.

Watch the video below to hear more of Jocko’s tips for staying safe on the street:

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