Gianni Grippo Promoted To Luta Livre Black Belt

Gianni Grippo Promoted To Luta Livre Black Belt

Top American BJJ competitor Gianni Grippo recently achieved a significant milestone in his martial arts journey…
By being promoted to black belt in Luta Livre!

The promotion came from his coach, Jarbem Pacheco:

For me it’s an honor to give him a black belt.
It’s symbolic of the hard work he’s doing and achievements he’s accomplished since I met him.

He made an intense training camp for himself in the middle of Covid.
The hardest and hottest training room in NYC (Quaranteam).

A lot of sweat and tears on those mats; 90° F some days.

He is still at the same intensity, always the first and the last one to leave the mats.

Thank you Gianni, I’ve been learning a lot with you these last months.
Thank you for always pushing me to give my best on the mats.

And you can count on me to return the favor, and push you to give your best as well.


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Since earning his BJJ black belt in 2013, Grippo has consistently showcased his skills on the podium of major IBJJF events worldwide, establishing himself as one of the top athletes in the sport.

Most notably, he has won gold medals at the IBJJF No Gi World Championship on two separate occasions.