[WATCH] Wrestler Throws & Subdues Suspect Who Was Assaulting Subway Staff

[WATCH] Wrestler Throws & Subdues Suspect Who Was Assaulting Subway Staff

Good samaritans come in all shapes, job, and hobby descriptions…
Oftentimes including wrestling as well.

Such was the case with a former high school wrestler Gabriel Pitzulo – who manhandled a person that was endangering employees of a local Subway.

Namely, the assailant was extremely violent in his behavior, both verbally and physically.
Luckily, Pitzulo entered the Subway and took the man down, pinning him to the floor until the police arrived to the scene.

Here is what he had to say about the incident:

I’d heard it from outside…

I walked in and he was visibly assaulting [the employee] – he was throwing stuff, I think I’ve seen him spit at her.
And how I was raised, men don’t do that stuff.

She didn’t seem like that she could defend herself – and I was afraid that he was leaving to either get something to harm her.
She had said that he threatened to kill her.

Pitzulo’s wrestling training was the thing that helped him subdue the suspect, without harming him:

I did combat sports for quite a while, so I was completely controlling. I didn’t want to punch him, I didn’t want to hurt him too bad, I just held him down.


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