The GODOI CHOKE Is So Gnarly… That Your Opponents Will Hate You For Doing It

The GODOI CHOKE Is So Gnarly… That Your Opponents Will Hate You For Doing It

Do you sorta, kinda… Feel that you should expand your submissions repertoire? Sure, you have your go-to techniques and you did the right thing by focusing on refining them. But you should still at least explore other options.
What’s more, you should explore those submissions that not a lot of athletes know about. Such as the Godoi Choke!



But, hold up. You might be wondering: “Okay, but why did you say that we should explore submissions that ‘not a lot of athletes know about’? Doesn’t it make more sense to learn and do those techniques which are well known, because they’re more reliable?”

Here’s the thing. Do you know the saying: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got”? It’s the same thing with Jiu-Jitsu. Except that it can be extended to: “If you always do what other athletes have done, you’ll be easily read by them.”
That is to say: you should, from time to time, learn and drill unorthodox and rarely executed techniques, so that you’re able to use the surprise factor against your opponents.

The Godoi Choke is very much like that as well. You won’t see it being used in many competitions, not at all. And you won’t even see it performed in training, either.
But even though it’s a “rare move”, it’s an extremely efficient one. If you get your positioning and timing right, you could be putting your opponents to sleep rather fast.

Here’s how to do the Godoi Choke, as demonstrated by Roberto Godoi himself:

Want to develop insane loop choke attacks? Alexandre Vieira is one of the most exciting up and coming grapplers today under the Brazilian Top Team flag.  In 2017, his loop choke submission was chosen as the Submission of the Year by FloGrappling. Alexandre recently put together his Crucifix and Loop Choke 3 volume instructional set.  Alexandre brings a modern outlook to some of the sports most devastating, but sometimes ignored positions, the crucifix and the loop choke.