Khabib On Recovery From Training: “Most Important Thing Is Sleep”

Khabib On Recovery From Training: “Most Important Thing Is Sleep”

If you want to be successful at something like Khabib Nurmagomedov has been in MMA, then you have to learn about and apply the power of routine.
You have to have the work ethic to support it, as Khabib emphasized in a recent Wahed Podcast episode:

You know, I was doing the same thing all my life. Stability, stability… If you don’t have stability, if you don’t recover between the trainings – you’re never going to become a success.

You have to train hard. Every day, you have to do the same thing.
You have to do same thing every single day. And [for] so many years, you have to sacrifice everything that you have.

It’s all been about continuity for “The Eagle”:

Guys ask me, like, how you become a good grappler, good top control, wrestling, conditioning…

I was wrestling every day, like one hour. Non-stop, one hour – can you imagine it? With new [fresh] opponents [coming in to train all the time], for one hour.
And then, when you finish, you go do some exercise; lifting, running, bikes, work with coach…

Khabib also emphasized the importance of recovery. For him, the most important thing has always been sleep:

And between trainings, you have to recover. A lot of people don’t understand what recovery is. A lot of people call it, like: massage, supplements… [But] for me, recovery is sleep.

Most important thing; between trainings, like, at least 2-3 hours. All my life, I was like daytime – I was sleeping. Like, from maybe 11 to 1, maybe 12 to 2, maybe 2 to 4…
You know, between trainings you have to sleep because you train so hard; morning for 2 hour and night for 2 and a half [hours]… You need rest.