Injured Your Joint During BJJ? Do These 4 Things To Recover Faster

Injured Your Joint During BJJ? Do These 4 Things To Recover Faster

Injuring a joint during Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training is never fun. And it’s even less fun after the injury has occurred; because now you have to wait for the injury to heal itself.
However, you don’t have to be passive about it. Instead of just waiting for the injury to subside, you can be proactive about healing it… About making sure that you recover faster.

Here are 4 things you can do to speed up your joint recovery process.



First and foremost, yes. You need to rest. At the very least – depending on the gravity of your injury – you ought to take at least some time off rolling.
However, just because you shouldn’t roll doesn’t mean that you should stop with doing some form of roll-like movements. For instance, try doing simple transitions with your training partner. But make sure that these transitions aren’t affecting the injured joint in the slightest; because overusing it can only lead to further injuries.

Secondly, if you’ve only just injured the joint, start icing it. Icing the joint immediately after the injury happens can reduce inflammation, pain, and stiffness; so put some ice on the injured spot for the duration of 10-15 minutes, approximately every 2 hours.
Do this for no more than a few days, as inflammation should still occur – it’s a part of the natural healing process.

If you can, you should also lift with the affected joint after some time has subsided and you feel a bit better. But lift light; go for the weight you could rep for 20+ times and then do no more than 15 reps with it, for 4-6 sets.
And finally, so you don’t lose out on too much progress on the matsstudy Jiu-Jitsu and start drilling when you feel well enough. By keeping your mind engaged with the techniques and the matches, you’ll keep making progress even though you aren’t on the mats per se; and with light drilling, you’ll start getting back in the game once more.