Bring On The Pain With This Kesa Gatame Submission Setup

Bring On The Pain With This Kesa Gatame Submission Setup

If you’ve been training for some time, you’ll probably agree that making your training partners tap with as little force as possible feels amazing. That it just feels great to do a couple of swift moves… And tap them out in a quick fashion.
This submission setup from the Kesa Gatame position is, therefore, going to be one of your favorite ones. Joel Tudor demonstrates.



To setup the Kesa Gatame in the first place, you’ll start from Side Control. Tudor explains that you’ll wait for the training partner’s pummeling motion – going for your underhook – in an attempt to escape. When they do this, you’ll “punch” your arm beneath their head, pull their arm up by the elbow, and turn your hips towards it; sliding your far leg and hip out.
Pay attention to how Joel stays on his tippy-toes prior to this move. This is what makes it easy for him to make the aforementioned transition.

You’ll grab your leg with the “headlock” arm in order to consolidate position. Then, Tudor emphasizes, you’re going to push their arm with a bump motion of your hip; which enables you to slide your head against their elbow.
From here, lock your gable grip, slide your hips down (but stay connected to their body). Squeeze with your hands and head, while simultaneously pushing with your leg – and you’ll get the choke!

Watch Joel Tudor demonstrate this setup on the video below:

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