BJJ Pro Advice: Get To The End Of The Lever

BJJ Pro Advice: Get To The End Of The Lever

Sometimes, it’s the smallest of advice that will get you the furthest. Even when that “small advice” can be applied in a wide array of situations.
Such as, for example, getting to the end of the lever.

What does that mean? John Danaher explains:

This entire game is a complex web of applied mechanical and biomechanical insights bound within strategy and tactics – and foremost among those mechanical insights will always be lever and fulcrum.

When a given move has its basis in the principle of lever and fulcrum – MAKE SURE YOU WORK AT THE END OF THE LEVER.

In other words, you shouldn’t be content with the first grips you make. You need to push it further, making leverage adjustments until you’re satisfied with them…
And until you get the tap:

Don’t settle for the first grip you get – adjust until you are working with the most leverage possible – it makes a real difference.


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With that said, you should also know where you’re going.

Because, if you don’t have a goal in mind when you roll, your “leverage knowledge” will not be used to the full effect:

In a match there are myriad opportunities made available by the chaos of action that enable the athlete who keeps laser like focus on goals to identify opportunities and act on them immediately.

As they say, a good plan enacted immediately is better than a great plan enacted later. So too in Jiu-Jitsu.
A decent move performed now is better than a mechanically perfect move performed too late.

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