ADXC 4: Abdul-Kareem Al Sewady & Amin Youb Join The Main Card In A Welterweight Bout

ADXC 4: Abdul-Kareem Al Sewady & Amin Youb Join The Main Card In A Welterweight Bout

With less than a month to go until its next edition, the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship is slowly lifting the shroud of mystery that surrounded the ADXC 4, revealing the athletes and matches that will make up the May 18th tournament.

With some of the Main fights already out there, the organization has announced that Abdul-Kareem Al Sewady and Amin Youb will be facing each other in a Main Card welterweight bout!

Returning to the ADXC after a big win in the tournament’s debut, Abdul-Kareem Al Sewady returns to the cage looking for another victory.

Back in October, Al Sewady used his agility and fast passes to defeat Islam Reda, carving his name in the organization as one of its very first champions.
Known as the “Pride of Palestine”, he is an MMA fighter with 15 victories to his name in the sport and will be using that experience to employ the cage as another one of his weapons in the upcoming duel.


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Meanwhile, Amin Youb comes to make his first appearance at the ADXC.

Hailing from France, Youb is also an MMA fighter and has 18 victories on his record, with more than half of those coming via submission.
Coming from two powerful victories in Ares FC and fighting in his homeland, Amin Youb has all the makings of an ADXC 4 champion, and he’ll be ready to use his arsenal of chokes and armbars to conquer that title in the merciless ADXC cage.

In addition to the match between Abdul-Kareem Al Sewady and Amin Youb, the ADXC 4 will also bring Espen Mathiesen and Leon Larman to face each other in the Jiu-Jitsu Main Event.

The tournament will also feature a Grappling Main Event, which is set to be revealed in the coming days, so make sure to follow @adxcofficial on social media and go to TX7.ae to witness firsthand the thrills of the next edition of the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship!