5 Powerful Triangle Choke Setups You Need To Know

5 Powerful Triangle Choke Setups You Need To Know

Triangle Choke? Triangle Choke! Everyone loves it and wants to get better at setting it up. (Unless you have really short legs… Sorry about that.)
And how many Triangle setups do you know? You probably know the basic one from Closed Guard or even the one from Mount. But you need to know more of them!

Here are 5 powerful Triangle setups that every Jiu-Jitsu athlete needs to know. Jon Thomas explains and demonstrates.



The first setup that you should know is the Flying Triangle Choke. Yes, indeed! Even though it may seem fancy, if you invest time into practicing it, you’ll be surprised by how often you’ll be successful with it; and that’s because your opponents won’t see it coming.
When you’re attacking someone from Closed Guard, for example, they’ll keep their elbows tight. When standing, however, they’ll often overextend their arms – which is ripe opportunity for Flying Triangles.

The Collar Sleeve Triangle is perhaps one of the most simple variations you could try. Why? Because the Collar Sleeve Guard is one of the most simple guards to get into; you just need one sleeve and one collar grip.
Try the foot-on-hip Triangle variation that Thomas demonstrates on the video.

Next up is the Double Sleeve (Lasso) Triangle. Felipe Andrew used this one quite a bit, even in a No Gi match! It’s a variation that is quite difficult for your opponent to see coming… So start training it!
The Overhook Triangle from Closed Guard is a submission which is seen all the way from white to the elite black belt levels. It’s extremely effective because you can isolate the person’s arm – without which they’re helpless.

And finally, you need to learn how to set up a Triangle from Top Side Control. You know how your opponent keeps their arms and elbows tight when in this position? That means that you’ll have a difficult time getting your Armbars… But a much easier time pinning their wrist to their chest and, therefore, earning your Triangle!
Check out this, as well as other setups, on the video below:

Catch your opponents from everywhere with these hidden and effective triangle chokes from Braulio Estima, one of the best triangle artists of all time.

Braulio Estima is one of the most innovative world champions of all time, winning in the gi and no gi by using a very technical and systematic approach to his attacks.