Gordon Ryan & B-Team Fire Shots At Each Other: “You Can’t Make This Up”

Gordon Ryan & B-Team Fire Shots At Each Other: “You Can’t Make This Up”

Ever since the Danaher Death Squad split up, there have been no bad words exchanged between the former teammates…
Until now, as Gordon Ryan and the B-Team are getting into a social media battle.

Namely, after criticizing Nicky Rodriguez, Gordon Ryan aimed his focus at the entire B-Team:

When B-Team opened, there were a dozen videos of Nicky Fraud and others saying they have no interest in helping the students and that the students (paying 300$ a month) were there for them, not the other way around.

You can’t make this up.

So you’re paying 300 dollars a month and the owners openly admit they don’t care about you, and in addition to that don’t even teach a majority of the classes, and when they are there they are beating the sh*t out of you for IG likes?
Great business model you have going there, rockstars.

Ryan also added that he’ll offer discounts when his, Garry Tonon’s, and John Danaher’s school opens:

Don’t worry, when our school is opened I’ll personally guarantee a discount to any B-Team student that wants to join our team, where all of the classes will be taught by myself, Garry, and John.

B-Team didn’t stay silent either, though. They commented, in a sarcastic tone, on Ryan’s website and book launch:

We need help, your website was such a massive success.
If anything, we are as successful as your book launch.

Craig Jones, one of the founding members of the B-Team, left a true Craig-Jones-style comment of his own:

At least tag me man. Appreciate the plug.