Gordon Ryan: “There’ll Be Less And Less Brazilian ADCC Champs In The Future”

Gordon Ryan: “There’ll Be Less And Less Brazilian ADCC Champs In The Future”

Gordon Ryan is known for his outspoken behavior. It’s safe to say that a lot of times, he shares his opinions just for fun – in order to get a reaction from the audience (or from an athlete he’s competing against) in order to gain the psychological edge.
However, in a recent Instagram post, in which he shared his opinion about the Brazilian vs. American ADCC trials, he emphasized that he sees it as nothing more than an objective observation.

His statement was basically that, with time, there will be more and more American ADCC champions and less and less Brazilian ones.

Known for his bold statements, Ryan often uses his platform to provoke and engage with his audience, sometimes merely for entertainment or as a tactical move to unsettle his competitors. This approach not only garners attention but also helps him gain a psychological advantage over others in the highly competitive world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission grappling.

However, his statement about the future dominance in ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) Submission Fighting World Championship trials between Brazilian and American athletes carried a different tone. Posted on Instagram, Ryan framed this particular view as more than just his usual provocative commentary. He presented it as a serious analysis based on trends and observations within the sport. His assertion suggests a shift in the competitive landscape, indicating that American grapplers might be on track to outperform Brazilian athletes in future championships.

This comment underscores the evolving dynamics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, reflecting broader changes in training methodologies, resource allocation, and talent development in different countries. Ryan’s observation prompts a deeper examination of how the sport is growing globally and how regional strengths may shift as more athletes and coaches gain access to advanced training techniques and strategies.

Here’s what he had to say:

There’s been an interesting shift over the last few years. Brazilian trials used to be the big ones. If you won them, you were considered amongst the top of the top seeds (relative to other trials winners) come ADCC time.
Over the last few years, it is very apparent now that North American Trials are the pinnacle of the ADCC trials. The most competitors with by far the biggest skill level.

There is a blatant gap between the skill level in the Brazilian vs the North American trials. Furthermore, many Brazilians winning trials in Brazil train and live in America.
It is safe to say that America is now the Mecca of Jiu-Jitsu. Furthermore, I believe that over the next 1 or 2 decades Brazil will lag behind in the no gi department; we will see less and less Brazilian ADCC champs, and the main competition will be between USA and places like Russia, Dagestan, etc.

This isn’t an emotional or negative post. Its’ what I’m seeing objectively when I look at the skill level of athletes.

What are your thoughts? Is Gordon right?