Gordon Ryan Fires Back At Nicky Rod: “This Guy Is As Natural As Liver King”

Gordon Ryan Fires Back At Nicky Rod: “This Guy Is As Natural As Liver King”

During a recent Mark Bell Power Project podcast episode, Nicky Rodriguez claimed that steroids are the main reason why Gordon Ryan is the #1 submission grappler in the world:

His biggest thing is steroids. You can’t gain 50 pounds of muscle and be like: “It’s irrelevant.”
No, it’s super fu*king relevant. You wouldn’t be half the person you were if you didn’t do that.

No disrespect, but you have somebody that preaches: “Technique is king, technique is king”, then why are you trying to be so strong? That’s my point on it.

And now, Ryan decided to strike back:

He is on camera admitting to greasing multiple times, I’ve seen him before competition grease up multiple times, and I purposely wore a long sleeve rash guard at ADCC for ONLY ONE MATCH because I knew he would be greased.

He also accused Rodriguez of “stealing” the body lock passing system from him and John Danaher:

He claims to have “invented” this system, yet it’s clearly just a blatant rip off of mine and John’s sh*t, yet gives us no credit.

So now what do you have ? A brand built on a body lock system that you claim to have invented, yet everyone knows its just a shi*ty version of mine and John’s.

Ryan addressed Rodriguez’s steroid use allegations as well:

Can you explain to the fans please how in one photo you look like a fat dad who used to play hs football, yet now has a left titty, and in the other photo look like Arnold getting ready for Olympia?

The difference between me and everyone is that I’m real. I say it like it is.

This guy’s about as natural as Liver King. And like Liver King, built an entire brand about blatant lies, and those brands usually collapse when they’re exposed.