Gordon Ryan Talks Current Health State: “Embarrassingly Weak”

Gordon Ryan Talks Current Health State: “Embarrassingly Weak”

In a recent video titled “Recovering Gordon Ryan: Belly Ache Chronicles”, Gordon Ryan opened up about his ongoing health struggles with a severe stomach condition.

It promises to be a supremely exciting series, but for the time being…
It appears that Ryan isn’t in the best of health.

Here is what he had to say about his current condition, during the first workout after several months of absence:

I’m embarrassingly weak right now.
It’s pathetic.

When you’re not even able to step in a gym, that’s when you know it’s really bad.

Ryan disclosed that he has shed over 20 pounds, as he grapples with persistent nausea and vomiting triggered by his condition.
He revealed that he had to endure periods of up to 10-12 days without being able to consume any food.

Ryan’s coach, John Danaher, added to the description of “The King’s” current state:

I can tell he’s not feeling good, and he’s getting more pale as we go.
If I increase the intensity, he will be done for the day.

Ryan’s struggle with severe stomach issues dates back to 2020, following a bout with recurring staph infections – that required the use of high doses of oral antibiotics, disrupting his gut microbiome.

Despite employing various treatment protocols involving antifungals, probiotics, and dietary supplements, Ryan continues to encounter significant setbacks in his recovery journey.