You’ve Got To Try This Hybrid Heel Hook Variation Off An Imanari Roll

You’ve Got To Try This Hybrid Heel Hook Variation Off An Imanari Roll

The infamous “Imanari Roll” is a rolling attack that starts from standing and transitions into a leglock. It can also be used as a takedown if you do not attack the leg lock and instead come on top of your opponent.

This grappling move was named after The Japanese BJJ black belt and MMA fighter Masakazu Imanari because of his usage of them.

Imanari is one of those names who have become more synonymous with a move then with a fighter that popularized them. The imanari roll is one of those versatile moves that change the playing field in a split second.

The Imanari Roll falls under the category of “flashy, but works” techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: so here’s how to do it!


The Imanari Roll is a fantastic Heel Hook entry in BJJ.
However, it can be “upgraded” to an even more dangerous Heel Hook variation.

David and Vincent Petrone demonstrate it on the video below:

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