Try This Easy 50/50 Entry From Standing Back Control

Try This Easy 50/50 Entry From Standing Back Control

The ultimate position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Yup, you know it – taking the opponent’s back. Whether it’s while on the mats or while standing, when you take the opponent’s back… They’re on full defensive mode and you’re on full offensive mode. No questions asked.
So, when you take their back while standing, the usual way-to-go is taking them down and then proceeding to submit them from there. However, what if we were to tell you that you could go for a 50/50 position while behind the opponent… And for an immediate Heel Hook finish?

It’s actually easier to do than it sounds. Tum Energia demonstrates.



After taking the opponent’s back and solidifying your control there, the first thing you’ve got to do – explains Energia – is turn hip-to-hip to them. This will grant you a favorable entry angle; one which will make it possible for you to get that 50/50 position.
However, solely setting up the angle won’t do much. After all, you’ve got to somehow entangle their leg! So, you’ll set yourself up for success in regards to this by simply clasping the leg you’re going for with your palm. This will block your opponent from “escaping” the entanglement.

From here, you’re ready for your 50/50. As soon as you enter it, make sure to fish for that Heel Hook – and get the tap while your opponent is still recovering from the surprise.
Check out how to go about this technique in more detail on the video below:

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