This Omoplata to Armbar Transition Works Like a Charm

This Omoplata to Armbar Transition Works Like a Charm

What’s the best way to ensure submission success in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? No, it’s not practicing one technique to the point of perfection… And no, it isn’t learning how to do a bunch of techniques to the best of your ability. Rather, the best thing you could do (after you’ve already gained some experience) is learning how to tie submissions together.
In other words, it’s to know how to transition from one submission to another, when the first (or the third, or the fourth and fifth) attempt fails. For instance, you should learn how to do an Omoplata to Armbar transition as early as possible in your BJJ journey.

Professor Al Hogan demonstrates how.



Professor Hogan explains that, once your opponent rolls after your Omoplata attempt (in this case, from Closed Guard), you need to keep your grip on their elbow. Then, place your foot (the top of it) underneath their upper back – just slide it underneath.
From there, your goal needs to be to cross your other leg over. To do so, you’ll post on your hand and scoot out, just a bit. Then, cross your leg over the opponent and place your foot next to their head.

From here, you’ll be able to finish the Armbar quite effortlessly. Here’s how, shown in more details:

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