Stuck In S-Mount? Try Out This Simple Defense by Dinu Bucalet

Stuck In S-Mount? Try Out This Simple Defense by Dinu Bucalet

The S-Mount is one of the worst positions you can end up in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. When you’re stuck there… Often, one of the only things you can think about is just “getting it over with”.
You shouldn’t have this approach, however. Every position can be escaped from (maybe not at all times, but sometimes indeed). And such is the case with the S-Mount.

The defense against it is remarkably simple. Dinu Bucalet demonstrates and explains.



The best defense, of course, is not getting stuck in the S-Mount position to begin with. To defend against that from happening, look at how Dinu frames against his training partner’s hip; he uses his entire forearm’s length across it, not just the palm of his hand on one side. Also, you may use your other hand to reinforce this frame – as well as to “catch” the opponent’s arm if he starts moving upwards.
With that said, you can always “walk” your shoulders backwards when the opponent starts climbing on top of you; all the while keeping your frame in place (and pushing their hips out).

Now, if they do get into S-Mount… That means your frame is out. Therefore, you need to regain it.
And the way to do so? Simple: you have to realign with the opponent’s hips. Once this is done, you can frame against them and regain a more comfortable position.

Watch how Dinu Bucalet does it on the video below:

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