Prevent Frequent BJJ Shoulder Injuries With This Routine

Prevent Frequent BJJ Shoulder Injuries With This Routine

What’s versatile is fragile. And the glenohumeral joint or shoulder is very versatile.
Small wonder that many grapplers have problems with it: wrestlers, BJJ and especially Judo

So it pays to injury-proof our shoulders as much as humanly possible. That also has the
beneficial side effect of improved performance: your pulls in Judo for example will be that much
more powerful.

Now let’s dive right into a great way to injury proof the shoulder for grapplers.


We’re talking very specific stretches here, to keep the joint nice and flexible and pain-free. It’s
important to keep full range of motion for internal as well as external rotation. Also you want to
keep the pecs and the upper back – the lats – nice and long and smooth.

Maintenance and injury-mitigation is an extremely important aspect of training. This routine includes shoulder mobility, strengthening, and scapular stability exercises that have been vital in the health of my shoulders and mitigating injury risk. Doing this sequence or a combination of these exercises with promote shoulder stability, strength, and improve overall shoulder function.

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