[WATCH] Florida Man & MMA Fighter Wrestles An Alligator

[WATCH] Florida Man & MMA Fighter Wrestles An Alligator

Ah, Florida…
The place of many wild sightings – the place where there’s never a dull day!

And, well, an amateur MMA fighter Mike Dragich became an unlikely hero…
When he sprang into action to subdue a wild alligator loose on Florida streets.

While police and bystanders watched, Dragich took charge – overpowering the alligator and safely detaining it before anyone was harmed.

Despite being caught off guard during family time, Dragich – a licensed alligator trapper – skillfully managed to control the animal, even without his usual tools.

Check it out on the video below:


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In a subsequent interview, Dragich said:

I’m just a true Florida man and doing what true Florida men do out there.

I didn’t do it in the most professional way possible, ’cause I didn’t have my gear with me.
So I just adapted and overcame, and I caught him with my bare hands.

I didn’t hurt the alligator at all when I was wrangling him on camera there.
It’s what it takes, you gotta tire those animals out by pulling them around a little bit and jump on them so nobody gets hurt.

You gotta make sure they’re tired before you do anything crazy like that.