Luke Harris Shows A Vicious Triangle Choke Setup Against Turtle

Luke Harris Shows A Vicious Triangle Choke Setup Against Turtle

In BJJ it is worth using judoka’s advice when it comes to stand up technique and also for ground work. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu comes from judo for a reason, and the techniques of this martial art should be implemented in BJJ training. Of course, this technique has to be adapted to the BJJ rules, and BJJ and Judo black belt Luke Harris is here to help .

In BJJ, most experienced practitioners are used to defending front triangles. These are the type of triangles set up from a guard position, either closed, half, or open guard.

You can usually set up the front triangle from a spider guard or from a lasso guard etc.

The back triangle is another common triangle set up used in Brazilian jiu-jitsu especially in the past few years. This is usually applied when you have your opponent’s back and trap an arm and then lift the other arm, falling to the side to trap a triangle. This triangle is very difficult to get out of.

Looking for submission options against Turtle?
Here’s one that you’ll enjoy – a vicious Triangle Choke setup!

Luke Harris demonstrates it on the video below:

Attack The Hidden Triangle Chokes That Braulio Estima Used To Win 3 Black Belt World Championships & 2 ADCC Championships.

Catch your opponents from everywhere with these hidden and effective triangle chokes from Braulio Estima, one of the best triangle artists of all time.

Braulio Estima is one of the most innovative world champions of all time, winning in the gi and no gi by using a very technical and systematic approach to his attacks.