John Danaher Demonstrates A Fantastic Body Lock Takedown Variation

John Danaher Demonstrates A Fantastic Body Lock Takedown Variation

To get the Body Lock Takedown, you first have to establish double underhooks – close the distance, pummel inside, and get your grip.
However, do not stay square to the other person. As you get the underhooks, shift yourself to their side, and plant the side of your head (your ear, basically) against their chest.

From here, bring your hips close to theirs and start taking their hips out of alignment; by combining the pushing action of your head and the pulling action of your hands.
Then, as the other person starts to fall, it’s imperative that you take your bottom hand out and establish an underhook underneath their shoulder. This is so that you don’t injure it when the two of you fall.

And when you do fall, make sure that it’s in a controllable manner. You don’t want the other person to get concussed – so just get them to the ground and establish Side Control.

One of the safest and most dominant ways to take someone down is via the Body Lock Takedown. And a great variation to this takedown is the Knee Sweep method.
Here’s how to execute it. John Danaher demonstrates on the video below:

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