Braulio Estima: “The Real Peak In BJJ Is At 35 Years Old”

Braulio Estima: “The Real Peak In BJJ Is At 35 Years Old”

Time waits for no man… No, not even for you nor for the other people who love training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. However, it’s not necessarily the case that your performance has to drop after you reach 30+ years old (like it is the case in most other physically intensive sports). Actually, you just might reach your peak at this age.
For instance, take a look at the interview that Braulio Estima had with Budo Jake, back when he was 31 years old:


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Braulio was certain that he’s only become better with age, simply due to the amount of knowledge and experience:

I don’t think that after 30 years old is a marker [for dropping in performance]. I think that happens after 40.

I believe that the real peak is at 35 years old. Because that’s when your mind and body get to an equal level, to [both of] their peak.
That’s my opinion, because now I’m stronger than I’ve ever been… And I understand this sport and myself more than at any other time, you know? I’m not mature only in my knowledge, but on the experience of competition, you know?

And all of this brings together [the peak]. Because, I never stick with one game plan over time.
So, it takes time [to learn and develop your game]; different angles, different situations… And that only with time you can develop.

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