BJJ Pro Tip: Use Your Feet Like Hands

BJJ Pro Tip: Use Your Feet Like Hands

One of the most important things you could (and should) learn in Jiu-Jitsu is to use everything you have available. But, when you’re used to just using your hands, it can be difficult figuring out what that statement actually means.

In other words: most grapplers are used to using their hands only. But that’s a big mistake, as you’re leaving the other half of your body without proper use. Your legs and feet.
In fact, you should be using your feet like you’re using your hands!

What does this mean?
John Danaher explains more:

The single biggest problem most people have when they begin Jiu jitsu comes from the fact that we spend our whole lives living in a hand/arm dominated world – almost all our daily skill actions are performed mostly with hands and arms.
Our feet and legs are used only for locomotion, not for dexterous, skilled tasks.

Then we come into Jiu jitsu and discover that most of the game is played with feet and legs with hands and arms very much in second place in importance.

He emphasizes the importance of changing that dynamic:

Learning to rely on feet/legs over hands/arms is the biggest and most important mental and physical shift you can make.
The earlier you make it, the better.


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