BJJ Advice: Get Comfortable With Closing Distance

BJJ Advice: Get Comfortable With Closing Distance

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that doesn’t work too well from too far away. Rather, if you want to “make things happen”, you have to close distance first.
However, this can sometimes be a difficult task. Especially when you aren’t too sure what will happen when you establish contact with the other person.

This is something you have to overcome.
John Danaher explains why:

The best scoring and finishing opportunities in the sport come from close contact situations.
Distance means safety in this game – but ultimately it’s safe for both of you.

You have to get comfortable getting close enough to control and finish and that entails greater risk because if you’re close enough to control him, you’re close enough for an opponent to turn the tables and score on you.

It’s not going to happen over night, for sure. But it’s necessary:

Learning to get comfortable in situations where you can both score on and be scored on is a big part of your progress.

In time you’ll learn the subtle aspects of control that stack the odds in your favor in these contact situations, but you’ll only do that if you first make the mental step of pushing through the natural inhibition we have with risk and realize that the only way to get to what you desire is to take some risk knowing that there will be some early failures but a bright future.


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