ADXC 4: Benoit Saint Denis & Marc Diakiese Headline The Grappling Main Event

ADXC 4:  Benoit Saint Denis & Marc Diakiese Headline The Grappling Main Event

After a couple of weeks of steadily revealing the pieces that make up the larger puzzle of the ADXC 4, the organization has now unveiled one of the tournament’s greatest mysteries…

Joining the show on May 18th, the UFC fighters Benoit Saint Denis and Marc Diakiese will enter the merciless ADXC cage and lead the Grappling Main Event at the Dojo de Paris, in France!

Nicknamed “God of War”, Benoit Saint Denis will have the advantage of fighting in his homeland on his ADXC debut.

A French MMA athlete with 13 victories to his name, nine of those coming via submission, Benoit has both the skills and the know-how to not only thrive in the ADXC cage but also put on a memorable show for fight fans.

With his strength and a vast arsenal of chokes, Benoit spells trouble for his opponents, especially under the ADXC’s aggressive ruleset.

Hailing from England, Marc “Bonecrusher” Diakiese will also be making his first appearance in the ADXC.

With 17 victories in his resumé, Marc has been active in MMA for over ten years, and that level of experience might just give him an edge in the upcoming bout, especially when it comes to using the cage walls to attack his opponent.

If Saint Denis isn’t careful, the Bonecrusher will be claiming a new victim on May 18th.

In addition to the match between Benoit Saint Denis and Marc Diakiese in the Grappling Main Event, the ADXC 4 will also feature a Jiu-Jitsu Main Event between Espen Mathiesen and Leon Larman.

The organization will continue revealing the fights that will make up the upcoming card in the following days, so make sure to @adxcofficial on social media to be the first to know when your favorite athletes will be joining the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship.

See you in Paris!