Dillon Danis Claims He Had An Affair With Paige VanZant: “Our Two Trips To Vegas”

Dillon Danis Claims He Had An Affair With Paige VanZant: “Our Two Trips To Vegas”

During a recent interview – ahead of her boxing debut – Paige VanZant was asked who she thinks attempted to make a transition from MMA to the boxing ring and failed…

And, well, she singled out Dillon Danis:

Dillon Danis is not a fighter. He’s not a fair comparison.

Nate Diaz is great, Jorge Masvidal…
I think a lot of people try to compare my career to UFC veterans who leave the UFC because they either get cut or it’s the end of their career.

I left the UFC when I was, gosh, 25. I wasn’t 40.
I didn’t have a hundred fights under my belt.

I was still young in the career and young in my sport.

Danis responded back in quick fashion – by claiming that VanZant had an affair with him:

How fast they forget! Haha, relax, Paigey baby, just because I didn’t wife you doesn’t mean you have to be petty.

Don’t make me bring up our two trips to Vegas and ruin your marriage.

Now, however, VanZant has decided to respond back as well – with some claims that might leave…
Fans bewildered:

The only time I ever remember seeing you in Las Vegas was at the UFC athlete retreat.
You walked up to me in a bar, asked me to peg you in front of multiple other UFC fighters, and I laughed in your face.

That’s not the definition of a relationship, is it?
And stirring up drama on the internet to try and fight my husband, there are definitely better ways that you could handle that.

He’s got three things you will absolutely never have: 1) a wife 2) friends and 3) a real MMA resume.

So, Dillon, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, but when you’re a piece of sh*t like you are, it’s pretty f*cking easy.