3 Tips To Win Scrambles In Jiu-Jitsu (It’s Not What You Think)

3 Tips To Win Scrambles In Jiu-Jitsu (It’s Not What You Think)

One of the coolest things to watch in competitive Jiu-Jitsu (as well as in training, though) are scrambles.
But it’s one thing to watch them. And a whole other to actually be in one and win it.

So, here are 3 tips to win scrambles, as explained by Brian Glick!
He starts off by explaining that setting priorities is the end goal of all three tips:

In a scramble, the main issue is knowing what to prioritize.
If you can zoom in on the problem you need to solve first, you’ll have a skeleton key to unlock all other doors.

So, the first tip to do that is by addressing the most obvious issue:

If someone is attacking your back, begin to separate yourself from them so you can escape.

The second tip/way to do so is by drawing from your memory:

If you’ve been in this situation before, you may recall what allowed you to come out on top last time.

And finally, the third way to do it is through putting yourself in the other person’s shoes:

You could put yourself in their shoes and imagine what your partner is thinking in the moment – what is their goal, where are they going?

In a scramble you may not have clear control.
That doesn’t mean you can’t prioritize, gain some quick insight and move from a reactive cycle into a proactive one.


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