Ricardo Almeida: “Some Days Are More Painful Than Others… But Get Back To Work & Get Used To The Pain”

Ricardo Almeida: “Some Days Are More Painful Than Others… But Get Back To Work & Get Used To The Pain”

As great Jiu-Jitsu is for your body… It can also wreck havoc on it, especially if you’re not training in a smart way. For that reason, you need to approach training from a longevity perspective.
But even if you do so and even if you’re smart about it, there will still be some painful days ahead. There’ll still be days when you’ll get injured and won’t be able to give your 100%.

This shouldn’t discourage you from training, though. Ricardo Almeida shares why:

You just have to be patient with the injuries, you have to give yourself time. Yeah, some days are more painful than others, but you should just get back to work and get used to the pain.
You need to work on the function and stability of the inflicted joint, to manage the injury. To train around it.

Even when you’re injured and there are some painful days coming ahead, you can find ways to work around the injury. To keep training and performing at a high level:

I think that one of the best things today in training is that there was a big evolution in it; there are so many different ways to train your body, very specifically around injuries.
So I think, instead of just resting and doing nothing, that movement of any kind will get your blood flow moving, which will aid your recovery. Plus, there’s the positive energy that you get from moving your body… The sitting and doing nothing has always been my hardest thing to do. You should try to work around an injury.

You know, sometimes when we get injured doing Jiu-Jitsu and then we can’t do Jiu-Jitsu because of the injury, we start going crazy. But you could still do other things.
If it is an upper body injury, you can get on a bike, on an elliptical, you could do some pool work. If it is a lower body injury, depending on how bad the injury is, you can still ride the bike softly perhaps. Or you can go swimming.

Whatever it is, just find a way to work around it and improve the process of healing of the injury.


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