Kit Dale Reveals Revolutionary Way To Improve In Jiu-Jitsu – „Task Based Games“

Kit Dale Reveals Revolutionary Way To Improve In Jiu-Jitsu – „Task Based Games“

Okay, be honest with us for a second… For how long have you been stagnating in Jiu-Jitsu?
How long has it been since you last noticed significant improvements on the mats?

Plus, it’s not like you aren’t trying.
You’re training as regularly as possible, you’re drilling the techniques to the best of your ability, and you rarely ever sit out a roll. But progress – it’s just not there.

Well, Kit Dale has something to say about that. As a matter of fact, he knows why you’re not improving as much as you could be improving.
And he has just the solution – Task Based Games.



Kit Dale is one of the most elite BJJ athletes in the world.
What’s more, he’s received his black belt in 4 years of training – without having any prior experience in grappling sports!

He explained how he’d done it:

The primary reason I received my black belt so much faster than what most people do is because of the way I approach jiu-jitsu.

Most people approach it with the idea of “ accumulating techniques = progress”, and I approached it with “acquiring knowledge and skill = progress”.
So, the way I trained was completely different.

Instead of practicing techniques, what I was doing was trying to problem solve my way through and find solutions to the task at hand.
And what I did very well was creating an environment in my training that was all about problem solving.

He explains that it’s because he understood the why behind the techniques, not just the „how“:

Every single thing was live and real. Every bit of muscle memory that I developed was from accurate, real rolling (live rolling).

So, I developed the ability to problem solve, innovate, to use trial and error to come up with solutions to the problems.
And by doing that it really helped me progress far faster, because I understood WHY I did everything I did, since I personally discovered it.

It wasn’t because I was told that a technique works and then copied it, but instead figured out a solution to my own problems.

The better I got, the quicker I could come up with solutions.
That’s a huge reason why I was able to develop faster and get my black belt in 4 years.


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So what’s the matter with the way BJJ is taught nowadays?

Kit Dale says it’s because coaches don’t focus enough on the way things work.
But just mindless repetition:

They try to teach by showing their students a technique, then get them to drill, drill, drill until it becomes muscle memory, expecting their students to be able to apply it in live rolling.

Unfortunately, this is very unrealistic and it’s a bad way of learning.
It teaches their students to wait for the answer, and it also confuses their muscle memory since half the practice they spend rehearsing things with a cooperating partner and the other half (or less) they spend trying to perform on a partner that is actively trying to stop them.

So, they get stuck in this area of both forgetting techniques, but also relying on an instructor to show them the moves.
This prevents them from developing the ability to problem solve themselves.

And the solution?
Kit Dale offers a great one:

The first thing I would do is I would make every single aspect of training LIVE, to have them develop their problem solving skills.

I would structure the training with task based games that allow them (depending on their level) to solve problems that are suitable for each student, developing skill and knowledge that way.

As they get better I would make the problems more difficult, or add more and more variables to the problems at hand.
Then get them to solve them over and over again.

That’s the way I would teach them, so that everything they do encourages critical thinking and coming up with solutions.


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What’s more, Kit Dale has launched an exciting new product, that will solve your lack of progress once and for all…
And that will revolutionize the way you learn and improve in Jiu-Jitsu – Task Based Games To Rapidly Improve Your Jiu-Jitsu!

Dale explained how this course is different from other products on the market:

Task Based Games To Rapidly Improve Your Jiu-Jitsu” differs from other products mostly because other products focus on techniques.

It’s usually 25-30 of the athlete’s best techniques that you can copy and then try to enforce on your opponent.
It doesn’t teach them anything other than that, and most techniques won’t even apply to their game or be suitable for their body type.

And most products don’t give the real information of WHY that technique works in the first place.

See, whoever came up with the technique usually goes through a massive system of trial and error to discover the solution to a specific problem.
And in the product they’re not giving you any of that information, but only the result.

It’s like giving an answer to a mathematical equation without teaching you the formula to be able to work out more equations.
And guess what, the equation will change!

People will learn the techniques you’re doing, then discover how to defend or counter it and you’re gonna have to look for a new technique because you’re too predictable.
It doesn’t give you the ability to figure these things out.

Which is exactly why Task Based Games is such a vital product:

What my products focus on is giving you the skill-set to develop your OWN techniques and come up with your own solutions to the problem.
This makes you the master of your own destiny. That’s the biggest difference.

I use games that allow you the time to problem solve your way through it, while finding solutions.
Giving you immediate feedback, whether you’re doing it right or wrong.

And it does that in a way that works for every level, white to black belt.
Giving you the tools to master your own game.


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Check out Task Based Games (and take advantage of the presale price) on the following link.