[WATCH] Streamer Heel Hooks Man Who Attacked Him During Interview

[WATCH] Streamer Heel Hooks Man Who Attacked Him During Interview

Kick streamer known as “The Oside Locos” recently showcased his Jiu-Jitsu skills during a live interview.

The streamer, who is known for his interactive content involving trivia, dating, and daring questions with strangers, faced an unexpected turn of events while engaging with the public.

The incident occurred when Oside Locos, in a friendly gesture, had his arm around a man’s shoulder during the interview.
The situation escalated when he commented on the man’s girlfriend’s tattoo, referring to it as a “tramp stamp”, which led to the boyfriend attacking him.

Despite the girlfriend’s pleas for her boyfriend to stop, saying: “It wasn’t that serious”, the boyfriend continued his assault.
Oside Locos, however, quickly turned the tables – by employing his Jiu-Jitsu skills to use!

Specifically, he subdued the attacker with a Heel Hook, a submission known for its ability to cause severe knee damage – particularly to the ACL.
Once he regained control of the situation, Oside Locos started urging the attacker to “chill” and trying to defuse the aggression.

Watch the incident on the video below:

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