Nicky Rod Speaks Out On Gordon Ryan: “His Biggest Thing Is Steroids”

Nicky Rod Speaks Out On Gordon Ryan: “His Biggest Thing Is Steroids”

Nick Rodriguez and Gordon Ryan are former teammates… Turned “enemies” now – as they’ve started to engage in a war of words.

Namely, after Ryan defeated Rodriguez at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3, he complained that Rodriguez had greased; which made it difficult for him to gain grips.

And now, in a conversation on the Mark Bell Power Project, Rodriguez had several words to share about his former Danaher Death Squad training partner as well:

I think once I beat Gordon I’ll be considered the best pound-for-pound. I think right now I am the best pound-for-pound, especially if you’re talking not using any bodily enhancements, I’m by far the pound-for-pound best.

Some of the guys that do steroids in the sport, they literally coulnd’t compete at all if they weren’t. You’re talking guys that are naturally 175, 180 pounds, and in nine months they’re 230 pounds. It’s fu*king insane…

I’m very confident that a lot of these guys couldn’t compete if they were natty, so I call myself the Natty King.

He then went on to accuse Ryan of steroid use:

His biggest thing is steroids. You can’t gain 50 pounds of muscle and be like: “It’s irrelevant.”
No, it’s super fu*king relevant. You wouldn’t be half the person you were if you didn’t do that.

No disrespect, but you have somebody that preaches: “Technique is king, technique is king”, then why are you trying to be so strong? That’s my point on it.

Rodriguez also addressed the greasing accusations:

I honestly wouldn’t have even said that if he didn’t, after our match, be like: “Ah this guy’s fu*king greasing.” You’re talking about greasing, which I didn’t.

That’s his excuse, he’s like: “He put lotion on.” First of all, no, never cheated a fu*king bit. And then on top of that, I’m a natural athlete going against a not-natural athlete and you still need excuses.