Danielle Kelly: “I Teach The Kids’ Classes… I Was A Shy Kid”

Danielle Kelly: “I Teach The Kids’ Classes… I Was A Shy Kid”

Danielle Kelly isn’t just a superb competitor and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion, but she’s also aspiring to become one of the best BJJ coaches out there.

As a matter of fact, it seems that Kelly enjoys teaching kids classes more than anything else. She explained why in a recent interview with ONE Championship:

I know how to teach people, and I try to help people understand it.
I was a kid at the sport at one point and I think having that ability helps me help the younger generation who want to learn from me.

She understands what the kids need, especially the shy kids – as she was, self-admittedly- a shy kid herself:

I teach the kids’ classes… Or when kids or teens come to my seminars, they will learn from me – and I have the ability to help them, I know how to teach them.

I know what they expect, especially because I was a shy kid. And whenever I reach out to other shy kids, I’m like: “I understand you and I can help you.”

Teaching is, nevertheless, a new experience for Danielle. But she’s already grown accustomed to it:

Actually, I’ve been teaching at the school a lot recently.
Like, for the past two years but traveling and teaching seminars, I’ve been doing it for about two years too.

Actually, I’m doing both but more of the traveling now. It brings me, it’s a new type of feeling.


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