When Stuck in Lockdown This Old School Sweep Setup Works Great

When Stuck in Lockdown This Old School Sweep Setup Works Great

Lockdown is such a versatile position, if only you get to know how to use it properly! This becomes even more true when it comes to playing the Lockdown game in the Gi.
Magnus Hansson, BJJ black belt under Eddie Bravo, shows a great setup that you can add to your Gi Lockdown game: getting to the Dogfight position, and then scoring the tried and tested Old School Sweep.



Starting from the Lockdown position and having both underhooks in place, Magnus explains that he first needs to make sure that he’s keeping the hands on his training partner’s hips or under his armpits. Lapels, if available, are an another great option to place hands at as well.

From there, he uses his Lockdown to whip – to elevate – his training partner’s leg. By pushing with his arms in the process, he helps himself to get up to the side.
Magnus explains that it is very important to pay attention to your underhook here; in other words, to keep it very tight to your opponent’s body. Also, if your opponent’s lapel is available, you can feed it to your underhook arm – over their back – establishing a strong and very secure grip.



Once in this position, Magnus’s other hand goes underneath his training partner’s leg and grips his toes. Beware that it’s not a grip on his ankle or on his shin, because gripping those parts means his partner will be able to free the leg easily; instead, the grip is established on his toes. Even more so, Magnus elaborates that the further down that you can go with the toes, the better it is.

Now, Magnus opens his Lockdown. As he opens it, he uses the „top“ leg (one which has been over his training partner’s leg) to pull his partner’s leg all the way back to his backside, with his foot staying connected to the mat at all times.
Then, he uses that position to lift his partner’s knee up, which enables Magnus to slip his bottom leg out, coming up to the Dogfight position.

In order to get the Old School Sweep from here, Magnus simply pulls the foot as he’s coming up, finishing it by passing to the outside and getting the Side Control.


Watch the video below to see Magnus Hansson demonstrate this awesome setup from Lockdown in great detail:

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