ADCC Women’s Absolute Division Officially Announced For ADCC 2024

ADCC Women’s Absolute Division Officially Announced For ADCC 2024

The ADCC World Championships is set to make history this year…
By reintroducing the women’s absolute division after a 17-year hiatus!

According to FloGrappling and Mo Jassim, the head organizer of ADCC, confirmed this development – signaling a significant expansion in opportunities for female competitors.

In contrast to the five weight classes available to male competitors, female athletes had fewer weight divisions, with each category featuring eight participants.
However, the reintroduction of the women’s absolute division presents an opportunity for female grapplers to compete across weight classes.

While Jassim did not disclose the expected payout for the women’s absolute division, traditionally the prize money in women’s divisions has lagged behind that of men’s divisions – with gold medalists receiving $6,000 compared to the $10,000 awarded to their male counterparts.

Additionally, Jassim did not confirm whether the winner of the women’s absolute division would earn a shot at the ADCC superfight champion, a tradition seen in the men’s division.

But one thing is for sure: this represents a productive step towards more female representation in the sport and its further professionalization.


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