This Buggy Choke Defense Is So Simple You’ll Giggle

This Buggy Choke Defense Is So Simple You’ll Giggle

Ah, the Buggy Choke… It’s so frustrating to be on the receiving end of it. You think that you finally have the Side Control, that you’ll finally be able to get your offense going and then – bam! Your training partner locks the Buggy Choke and the only thing you can do is tap out.
But here’s the thing: you do not have to tap out. As a matter of fact, there is a defense against this submission that is so simple you’ll giggle.

Tristar Gym’s Firas Zahabi demonstrates.



This is a technique you’ll have to resort to immediately; in the very moment you feel that your training partner is locking up the Buggy Choke.

The second you feel it coming, you need to post with your forearm and across their neck. Then, and by helping yourself with the other hand, pull them up and towards you a bit – so that you can elevate their hips on top of your thigh.
Once here, you’ll stack them; simply shift your bodyweight on top of your training partner and you’ll feel that they’re opening the choke up.

This technique does come with a disclaimer, though. Even though you’ve avoided the tap, you’ll still leave them with plenty space for a Side Control escape.
Firas Zahabi demonstrates and explains this Buggy Choke defense in more detail on the video below:


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