The Perfect Open Guard Pass for Older Jiu-Jitsu Students

The Perfect Open Guard Pass for Older Jiu-Jitsu Students

The Open Guard can be tricky to pass… Especially if you’re an older BJJ student who isn’t exactly used to passing with speed and power. Torreando passing might not be for you, but you know what could be? One form or another of pressure passing.
Bernardo Faria decided to share one such pass in his recent video; the almighty Over Under. Here’s how to do it.



Given the fact that you’re probably an older BJJ athlete, you might prefer starting from your knees when passing the Open Guard, rather than on your feet. That’s completely alright; for, the Over Under Pass can be done both from the standing and the kneeling position.
To start with this pass, you’ll first need to isolate the training partner’s foot. If you don’t do this, they’ll be able to put you in all kinds of dangerous positions, Triangle Choke being one of them. So, grip (and almost “slap” as you do so) the partner’s foot and push it down and towards you as you approach them.

Then, as you collapse on top of your training partner, grasp over their leg with this pushing arm and grab underneath their other leg so that you block their hips on this side as well. Make sure that your chin is connected with your hand on this side as well.
Here’s how to do it in action, as demonstrated by Bernardo Faria:

Build a strong passing game with over under passes and pressure building that grapplers of any age and level can use, no speed and no athleticism needed.

  • Bernardo Faria won 5 black belt IBJJF World Championships using these systems – and now he teaches every detail so it can help you.
  • Don’t ever rely on speed or scrambling as Bernardo shows you his systems for controlling the bottom opponent from many different guards and setting up your passes.