The Key To Jiu-Jitsu Improvement: Learn To Layer Skills

The Key To Jiu-Jitsu Improvement: Learn To Layer Skills

There so many techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that it can often feel overwhelming to learn them all.
But that’s the key, actually. You shouldn’t be trying to learn them all. Especially not at random.

What you should do instead is learn to layer skills.
It’s going to be especially important when you’re trying to figure out a specific situation/position/setup.

Brian Glick explains more on what this entails:

Whenever there’s a space between your present skills and where you want them to be, look for smaller, intermediate skills that help you bridge the gap.
This is one way of tackling a major problem you’re facing.

If you attempt to tackle a huge problem all at once, then you’ll likely feel overwhelmed:

If you think of this distance as unbridgeable – a massive chasm – you’ll always feel stuck where you are.
If you ignore it and go about your business, you’ll remain stuck.

So the “big problem” you’re facing might NOT be that you’re just not trying enough, that you lack persistence or that something in the technique you’re using is wrong.
It might be that you haven’t built the right context yet for the techniques you know.

Build the smaller steps and the larger leap isn’t so hard.


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