Roy Dean Shows A Clever Submission Trap Setup From Headquarters Position

Roy Dean Shows A Clever Submission Trap Setup From Headquarters Position

If you’re passing Open Guard, getting into the Headquarters position is a great option – from which you’ll have a lot of opportunities to pass.

This style which always starts from a Headquarters Position which dismantles all types modern guards (DLR, lasso, Spider) & leglock threats. You can combine these passes with submissions which always confuses the opponent.

Knowing how to create pressure is a skillset that is acquired after years of training. You don’t need to use strength to apply and create pressure. It is more about relaxing your body (which makes it heavier) and knowing when to place it on top of your opponent’s leg, hip or body.

When you have an effective pressure passing game, you can turn every fight to your advantage, and use a style that smashes through to dominant positions (mount, back).

The Headquarters is a very dominant passing position in Jiu-Jitsu.
You need to learn how to use it – not just for passing itself, but also for subsequent submission setups.

For instance, here’s a great guard pass and submission trap from Headquarters.
Roy Dean demonstrates:

Precision Top Game Passing With The Most Crushing Top Pressure You Could Ever Imagine: It Is Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible: From The Only American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & MMA World Champion Ever.

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  • The grappling legend shows the pressure passing secrets he uses to dismantle modern guards and attack with passes and submissions.