Tips For Developing a Lethal Open Guard For Beginners

Tips For Developing a Lethal Open Guard For Beginners

Brazilian jiu jitsu has a variety of guards but one every beginner has heard of is open guard. Open guard is perhaps not the easiest to come into as a beginner as it doesn’t dictate certified points of contact by default. Still there are some concepts and ideas that could help shape your game on a whole new level.

In a new clip Jason Scully recommends A Very Useful Open Guard For Beginner and Advanced Players:


From there Scully recommends controlling the hip with your leg as a way to create distance. He emphasizes that he uses the left leg – on the same side as the controlled arm.




Three points of contact is the minimum you want.

Sleeve + Ankle + Foot on hip = 3 points.
Two sleeves + Foot on hip = 3 points.
Sleeve + Collar + DLR hook = 3 points.
That’s the idea. Get and maintain those points of contact. If one gets removed look to establish a new one so that you always have 3.

Other useful materials:




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