NEVER Get Tapped Out Again In Jiu Jitsu By Using This Little Trick

NEVER Get Tapped Out Again In Jiu Jitsu By Using This Little Trick

Hey, you. Yes, you! Pssst, quiet, we have a secret to share with you… A top secret piece of advice, actually… Listen up: how would you like to know a very sneaky trick that will give you the powers to NEVER get tapped out again?
How does that sound? Okay, we will tell you, but in exchange for this piece of advice you have to keep it a secret for the rest of your life. We got a deal?

Okay, cool. Prepare yourself, because we’re sure that this tip will blow your mind.



So, you’re ready to hear the secret. Here it is: the way to never getting tapped out again is to never roll again, especially not with those more skilled than you are!
Yup, that’s the secret. It’s contained in every single time that you were tapped out in training, every single time you felt powerless against a more skilled, more seasoned and more athletic training partner. In every single one of those moments when you were thinking to yourself how you’re „simply not making progress“ and that „you really aren’t talented for BJJ“.

Look back on all of those „defeats“. To the times when your favorite training partner beat you effortlessly with a setup you never quite managed to figure out. To the times when a woman, two times lighter than you are, tapped you out 8 times in a 5-minute roll… All the while going easy on you and trying out low-percentage setups. To the times when just about every roll during a one-month period proved to be insufficient; you weren’t able to submit anyone!

Remember those instances? Heck, they may still be happening to you right now. All that embarrassment you feel, all those feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, all that questioning so as to why Jiu Jitsu isn’t going well for you… You can make it go away with one simple trick.



Yup! Just quit, and all of those worries will go away. You won’t have to think about the losses you’ve endured at all, and you will never tap out again – simply because you won’t be on the mats anymore. Does that sound like a good idea?
Of course it doesn’t! Because it would mean that you’d have to give up on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu altogether. And, well, that would be a great and really effective way to evade being tapped out ever again. What’s more, it’s the only way to achieve this goal you have.

To shy away from challenges and to never fight your way through adversity, that’s the only way to make sure that you will never be defeated. That you’ll never experience loss and the sadness, the disappointment that goes hand-in-hand with it.
But it also means that you’ll never grow. That you won’t improve, generally and in all fields of life actually… But, if you look at Jiu Jitsu, it also means that you won’t see all those great friends of yours again and share a laugh with them. It means that you will never feel that weirdly liberating feeling after a really tough roll. And, it also means that you’ll never tie that next belt around your waist.

Yup, it’s definitely not worth it. So, sorry to tell you this, but – you will get tapped out numerous times again. Over and over, and sometimes you’ll feel really cranky about it. But you know what? Most of the times you’ll feel better because of BJJ; and you will be better all because of it.