Josh Hinger: “You Aren’t Applying Yourself Because You Are Afraid Of Failure”

Josh Hinger: “You Aren’t Applying Yourself Because You Are Afraid Of Failure”

Alright, take a minute… And ask yourself – are you sacrificing your potential, both in Jiu-Jitsu and in life, because you might be afraid of failure?

Because, if that’s the case, then you can change it. You can confront the fact that you aren’t giving it your all, that there’s so much more to you than what you’re showing now.
In other words, you need to be totally honest with yourself.

Josh Hinger explains why:

One of the best self-development tools you can give yourself is the ability to have a deadass no bull*hit honest conversation with yourself.
This means both acknowledging your positive and negative attributes with 100% honesty.

Throw out the BS excuses and own the fact that maybe you aren’t applying yourself because you are afraid of failure, maybe you aren’t striving for your full potential for fear of rejection.

Inversely, maybe you are lying to yourself about your true potential so that you don’t feel obligated to get out there and try something that’s intimidating.

You have to acknowledge your fears, emphasizes Hinger. Otherwise, you’ll never fulfill your potential on and off the mats:

If you are constantly giving yourself an internal beatdown, if you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t feel guilty for not venturing to achieve something that you are actually perfectly capable of attaining.

You’ll never be able to overcome your fears and insecurities if you can’t first acknowledge their existence.


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