John Danaher’s Great Hand Fighting Advice: “Don’t Forget…”

John Danaher’s Great Hand Fighting Advice: “Don’t Forget…”

Hand fighting is one of the most important parts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as it will often determine who has the more dominant grips.
However, contrary to as to how it may sound, hand fighting isn’t just about your hands… It’s also about your feet – which is something that a lot of BJJ practitioners often forget.

John Danaher shares his great hand fighting advice concerning this issue below:

When you’re hand fighting – don’t forget your feet!

We live in a hand dominant world. Most of the tasks we perform every day, from driving, typing, working, even mundane things like brushing your teeth etc are performed predominantly with the hands.
We tend to carry that mindset into Jiu jitsu but his is not good.

When you hand fight whether standing or on the ground – DON’T NEGLECT YOUR FEET.

So what are you supposed to do with your feet, anyway?
Danaher explains further:

Use your feet to off balance and stumble your opponent whenever you can.
In the midst of the hand fight – don’t neglect the foot fight! It will double your effectiveness every time!


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