John Danaher Reveals Two Choices On How You Can Beat An Opponent

John Danaher Reveals Two Choices On How You Can Beat An Opponent

Sure, there is a number of ways you can beat your opponent… But there’s a way to narrow it down to two ways.
And no, it’s not about tapping them out and winning on points. John Danaher has something else in mind.

Here’s what one of the greatest BJJ coaches ever has to say:

You can either develop your movement potential to a degree where you can consistently out maneuver your opponents in order to get into winning positions.
This requires you to create movement that speeds the game up beyond a point that your opponent can follow and generally favors athletes with good mobility and speed.

The second option is to stop or restrict an opponent’s movement.
The focus is on slowing the game down in situations that favor you and this typically favors athletes with isometric strength and endurance.

Namely, the first approach is all about creating movement, whereas the second is all about denying movement:

Usually find people will tend to naturally gravitate towards one or the other without being prompted or coerced.
Interestingly, athletes who start with a movement based game will usually switch as they age to a movement denial game.


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