Competence, Not Perfection Is The Goal In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Competence, Not Perfection Is The Goal In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

You’re really hyped up about training, aren’t you? And you’d like to get every single detail of every single technique right, to surpass all of your training partners in all aspects of the game… Which is awesome!
However, you should be aware that perfection is going to be unattainable. And that competence should be the goal instead.

Why? Brian Glick shares his thoughts:

No one likes making errors in timing, fumbling with grips or stumbling through new techniques (not to mention looking bad).

So the first stop on the train is basic competence – the execution (often with considerable effort) of a simple, baseline goal, shows us that there’s a benefit to sticking to it through our unwillingness and mental anguish.

We slice through our exhaustion, laziness, frustration and fear by building a level of competence, not through making everything flawless.

You’ve got to put in the work to become truly competent. There’s just no way getting around that fact:

HOW we become competent is really a question of exposure and work, and it’s why the broad path of “mastery” makes sense.

Even if mastery is an unattainable goal – it’s a process, so you can’t actually arrive at it – the work that we do in the going towards it breaks down some of our fundamental resistance to the trouble areas.

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