BJJ Takedown Advice: Make ‘Em Stumble First

BJJ Takedown Advice: Make ‘Em Stumble First

Could your takedowns use some work? Yeah, they probably could…
Which is why you shouldn’t focus on techniques alone. But rather, on concepts too.

For example, a concept that will go a long way in making you better at takedowns is making your opponents stumble first.

Why? John Danaher explains:

If you can make an opponent stumble you can take him down.

Takedowns on an opponent in good stance are never easy.
Takedowns on an opponent stumbling out of balance due to some preliminary attack are much easier by comparison.

Creating a stumble can be done many ways but one of the best is the use of your feet – ashi waza – just as stepping into a curb mid step will trip and stumble you in everyday life, so too a well placed/timed foot will cause you to stumble.

So what should you do with this information?
That’s right. You should aim to make your training partners stumble as often as possible.

Which will require working on your timing:

If you can then time a takedown in the midst of a stumble what previously seemed very difficult can now become surprisingly easy.


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