BJJ Students: Make It A Habit To Work On Your Weaknesses

BJJ Students: Make It A Habit To Work On Your Weaknesses

Here’s the deal: everyone likes working on their strengths. Be it in work, everyday life, or in training – everyone enjoys becoming better at what they’re already reasonably good at. However, not many want to work on their weaknesses.
That’s too bad, because your weaknesses will oftentimes make or break your performance. Brian Glick explains why this is the case:

The day will come when you’ll find yourself in the place you’re least prepared for. If you’ve been choosing ease over activity, staying indifferent to your weakest areas and drifting along, that day will be quite a shock.

That’s why we have to make it a habit to dive right in to the toughest spots, cultivate the right resources and the right partners and the right habits, not just what’s easy and comfortable and convenient.
We need to ask all the questions we can, listen to the answers and put them into practice.

It doesn’t matter if there are some Jiu-Jitsu positions that you don’t like being in. You need to work on them no matter what:

Many people choose to strengthen their strengths rather than their weaknesses, but if you don’t like the mounted position, or half-guard, or having someone on your back or attacking your legs, that’s where the real work lies.
We have to head right into the places that we don’t like and are least familiar with, to get in there and get our hands dirty.


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