BJJ Advice: When It’s Time To Go… Go!

BJJ Advice: When It’s Time To Go… Go!

Do you often find yourself hesitating to go for a move in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
If so, then you’re doing a gigantic disservice to both your progress and to the level of success you could experience.

Why? Because, even though speed can be detrimental in Jiu-Jitsu, it can also be good – if used at the right time. Especially when it comes to decision-making.
John Danaher explains further:

Speed is a wonderful thing in combat sports, if you have it, god bless you, but if you don’t, rest assured that the race doesn’t necessarily go to the fastest – but to the one who STARTS FIRST.

In other words, you need not hesitate. When you see an opening, go for it:

Speed won’t do you any good if you are indecisive.

A slower player can get to a destination first if he starts first and doesn’t hesitate when the opportunity arises.
A fast athlete can end up in second place to the desired destination if he is indecisive when it’s time to go.

That is to say, your goal should be to become the fastest decision maker on the mats:

You don’t have to be the fastest person in the gym in jiu jitsu, but you should strive to be the fastest decision maker and once a decision is made, the fastest to act on it – that will more than atone for any lack of physical speed you may have.


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